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08.03.2019 Lifestyle

Womanbeing Happy International women's day

Womanbeing Happy International women's day

My women, you have been discounted, giving a manual to follow and told you must be lovable.

Your worst fear is being unloved, feeling inadequate, unworthy of the love bestowed on another woman, therefore you compete with her, hope she falls so you get all the glory and admiration. Her failure is your success to gloat in, your lives ambition you've been told is to show you are more womanly, more superhuman, than she could ever be.

You've been told to pride yourself on endurance, enduring men who don't value you, pain, because as a woman anger, bitterness and wanting accountability does not fit you. You must always be lovable, always cover your emotions, heal quickly magically, and never complain.

Your load is heavy. So I propose you put down the load, your DNA is unique, women are not one size fit all. You came into this world, like the lion, bird and fish to be yourself and enjoy it to the fullest. Stop being a participant of the patriarchal narrative, or the narrative bestowed on you and given to you as your duty. Live fully, yoully ( Be fully your self- I made it up don't go looking in a dictionary ) and conquer the world.

Show them we are human beings, who are just as capable as any other. Even in abrahamic religions, because some use that as an excuse to subjugate women, Eve was able to make her own decisions, Adam, the man however was persuaded to do what he did not want to. Esther and Sarah were outspoken, strong and did not let their female sex, deter them from fulfilling their ambitions.

Even those who don't believe in God, who believe in evolution, should know in the days of ancient, while men hunted, women prepared the food, that kept the men alive and gave them energy to hunt and go to battle. Women had the wombs, to give birth to children to add to their armies and the labour force.

Woman being, you are loved, show the world that your services are really needed. By living your life to the full, unashamedly and not worrying what people think, as that seems to be a woman's greatest barrier to pushing forward for a better life, for herself and women coming after her.