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When His Penis Is Too BIGG… Then What?

By Catherine Forson Agbo
When His Penis Is Too BIGG Then What?
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While nature made us suitable for sex, there are times when size matters. Sex is stunning with the perfect measure of penis size. Did I just say that? Indeed, it's not by any means obvious. But the truth is one, penis come in sizes. Folks are worried about how huge or little they are and ladies are worried about achieving climax. This is a typical question yet compelling one as one may wonder if it's actually possible that a penis doesn’t fit into the vagina. Well, you wouldn’t want a surprise such as this waiting for you at the back door. Most importantly, we should acknowledge that vaginas are stretchy and between 3 to 7 inches in length. It was made so that it can stretch more wider amid sex. Indeed, even with this type of combination, there are some penises that would fit. Wondering how?

This comes to play when a man is bigger than normal size and instead of sexual satisfaction; the women tend to experience tears and pains. The issue has nothing to do with the length of a woman’s vagina, but that of the man’s because the vagina is rarely small I structure and is typical for the average slightly tighter than average penis to accommodate. Let’s take a look at the natural dimension of man to better understand the concept.

The penis has two typical dimensions with respect to its length and thickness.

  • The length will fit in as profound as the vaginal trench will permit: most men will fit in completely, while some may have the base of their pole standing out. A few positions may bear the cost of more prominent vaginal profundity and you may want to experiment to find out.
  • The thickness on the other hand may pose a problem because a thicker-than-average penis will challenge the vaginal opening, frequently to the point of tearing and enduring when attempting to get in. A 'thick' penis (truly, they do exist!) will make vaginal intercourse outlandis with altogether.

An example where the penis is that huge amid sex, the penis hits the cervix, which may cause awkward agony. There are a few reasons why a man's penis can appear to be excessively huge;

A normal or average penis size could be seen or felt as enormous or huge when the lady isn't turned on enough. It's the man's sexual obligation to ensure his lady is appropriately turned on or is in the mood take him in. In the event that this isn't done, you stay dry and penetration will just motivate bleeding and tearing.

Another angle is the point at which the lady vagina is gotten dried out because of the admission of certain prescriptions. There are a great deal of anti-conception medication pills in the market, when taken causes vagina dryness. This dryness goes past, attempting to turn her on. Here she needs treatment to take the vagina pH back to typical and take certain treatment like Vaginne to get it back on. I suggested an item in one of my articles that tackle this issue.

Lastly, it may be because he is indeed big. Well, there are some men who rely on some meds just to get their penis bigger than usual. Well, this can cause an over growth and indeed make penis to big or large for sex.

In light of current circumstances, these reasons can be settled when given the best possible consideration. You can abstain from causing your partner pain by resorting to other different sex positions, going slower or asking your partner not to put their penis in deep to avoid tearing. Also make sure she's lubricated enough before you enter her. Make sure you engage in some serious foreplay before the main act, or use lubricant to get things going. . It might be useful to rehearse what are known as Kegel's Exercises. This will enable you to recognize the muscles which encompass the vagina and which you would need to loosen up when penetration is attempted.

The critical thing to concentrate on here is this is a solvable situation. As long as you follow the above advice, you are not doomed to a sex-less existence if your penis seems too large. Sex is intended to be enjoyed not endured… remember that.

Catherine Forson Agbo
Catherine Forson Agbo