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12.02.2019 Health & Fitness

Masturbation Health Benefits.

Why you should masturbate and enjoy sex regularly.
Masturbation Health Benefits.
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Masturbation may seem kind of an awkward thing, but it actually means much more than you might know. And especially for a woman, it affects your health positively to masturbate and achieve an orgasm.

1. Studies show that women who masturbate at least once a week have a much healthier and regular menstrual cycle compared to women who masturbate less often or not at all.

2. Masturbation stimulates both your mood and your appetite positively so that the body functions properly. The orgasm thanks to masturbation helps the brain to produces the right hormones that the body needs.

3. Orgasm and masturbation act as a kind of natural detox cure that helps your body cleanse. Among other things, you will experience thanks to masturbation are better digestion, and you will naturally excrete toxins that the body does not need.

4. As a woman, your production of estrogen will be as it should be, and at the same time, you will protect your abdomen, because you want to achieve the right PH value in the vagina.

5. Masturbation keeps your immune system in place, so you have easier by, for example, avoiding various diseases such as influenza and colds. In fact, regular orgasms can fight infections, so you have a 20% less risk of getting sick.

6. Studies show that masturbation or sex at least three times a week will make you look 5-7 years younger.

7. Several studies show that orgasms and sex generally relieve headaches and general body pain.