It’s the best thing to happen to a female artiste — Gospel musician speaks on having partner as manager

Gospel News Celestine Donkor and husband, Kofi Donkor
Celestine Donkor and husband, Kofi Donkor

Ghanaian Gospel sensation Celestine Donkor has shared that it is best to have your partner as your manager.

During an interview on TV3, the musician expressed her belief that having one's spouse as a manager not only strengthens the professional aspect of their relationship but also fosters harmony in their personal lives.

She emphasized that having her husband as her manager has brought her immense peace of mind, especially during long periods on the road.

“I think from my experience, it is the best thing to happen to a female artiste. First of all you need to know whether your partner is interested and then if there is an interest then it is good.

“What you have to do is seek information in order to build the craft. My husband was a businessman before he became an artiste manager full-time.

“We started from scratch. It can be very very complicated. We can be on the road for a month so which husband will be home and you will be on the road for that long?

“It is really difficult if you’re not on the field with your husband,” she said.

According to her, having her husband by her side throughout their nineteen-year marriage has alleviated many of these challenges, allowing them to navigate the demands of the music industry together.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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