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Sista Afia expresses her sentiments regarding the Ghana Music Awards nominations

By Prince Ayerakwa II Contributor
Sista Afia expresses her sentiments regarding the Ghana Music Awards nominations

Ghanaian singer and songwriter Francisca Gawugah, recognized by the stage name Sista Afia, recently expressed her disappointment regarding the nominations for the Ghana Music Awards. The talented artiste took to social media to voice her concerns, particularly highlighting what she perceives as a lack of recognition for her efforts within the music industry.

In her post, Sista Afia questioned whether she had inadvertently offended individuals associated with the prestigious Ghana Music Awards, drawing attention to her hit song "Asuoden," which garnered significant popularity in 2021. Despite the success of the track, she lamented the fact that she had received zero nominations for the upcoming awards ceremony. This omission left her feeling undervalued and overlooked.

The singer's frustration was palpable as she addressed the disparity she perceived in the nomination process. Sista Afia raised a critical point about artists who seemingly bypass the nomination application process yet secure nominations, prompting her to question the fairness and transparency of the selection criteria.

Moreover, Sista Afia expressed her dismay at what she perceived as a continuous underestimation of her contributions to the Ghanaian music scene. She conveyed her deep-seated disappointment at not being accorded the recognition she believes her hard work and dedication merit. The discrepancy between her expectations and the actual outcome of the nominations left her feeling hurt and disheartened.

Despite her evident disappointment, Sista Afia acknowledged her adherence to a code of respect towards the awards scheme, indicating that her silence thus far was a sign of restraint and deference to the industry's norms. Her reluctance to speak out earlier underscores her commitment to professionalism and her desire to maintain amicable relations within the music community without undermining the integrity of the awards process.

In conclusion, Sister Afia's candid remarks shed light on the complexities and challenges faced by artists striving for acknowledgment and validation within the music landscape. Her case serves as a poignant reminder of the subjective nature of recognition in the industry and the importance of transparency and equity in award nominations.

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