I made my first $5,000 in December 2023 under a management where the ‘odogwu’ money comes from — Comedian Waris

Comedy News I made my first $5,000 in December 2023 under a management where the ‘odogwu’ money comes from — Comedian Waris

In a recent revelation, popular Ghanaian comedian, Comedian Waris, has shed light on the financial intricacies of his career, disclosing a significant milestone of earning his first $5,000 in December 2023 under a Nigerian management.

Speaking exclusively to TV3's Cookie Tee, Comedian Waris elaborated on his decision to venture into Nigeria, citing shared management with other comic actors as a pivotal factor. He emphasized the crucial role of monetization in achieving substantial income, attributing the origin of the term 'odogwu' money to this management system.

During the interview, Comedian Waris delved into the challenges faced by influencers, noting the potential misunderstanding by some brands regarding the limitations of excessive product promotion on social media platforms.

"We are under the management of monetization, that is where the 'odogwu' money comes inside," he remarked, underlining his commitment to authenticity by limiting content promotion from a single company within a week.

Revealing insights into his earnings from various social media platforms, Comedian Waris highlighted Facebook as a lucrative avenue, with earnings surpassing $9,000 (GH¢112,529.25). He attributed the financial success of Nigerian comedians to platforms like Facebook, enabling them to acquire properties and vehicles.

Regarding TikTok, Comedian Waris disclosed earning between $5,000 (GH¢62,516.25) to $6,000 (GH¢75,019.50) in a week during December 2023. He underscored the strategic approach to content creation and monetization, expressing concerns over Ghana's absence from the monetization list and the challenges associated with financial transactions via platforms like Paypal.

"These challenges exist, but there are ways to overcome them. Unfortunately, Ghana is not included in the monetization list," he lamented, highlighting the reliance on external countries like Nigeria for financial transactions and management.

Comedian Waris's insights provide valuable perspectives into the evolving landscape of digital content creation and monetization strategies, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities encountered by influencers in the industry.

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