Sammy Flex doesn't give me chicken when I ask for Gari; he's the 'Moses' for Shatta Movement — Shatta Wale

Industry News Sammy Flex doesn't give me chicken when I ask for Gari; he's the 'Moses' for Shatta Movement —Shatta Wale
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Ghanaian Dancehall icon, Shatta Wale, has heaped praises on his manager, Sammy Flex, describing him as the best manager he has had in his career.

The artist shared his admiration for Sammy Flex during an interview on Onua Showbiz, where he commended his manager for an exceptional job in managing his affairs.

This marks Shatta Wale's first public statement since the release of his 'KONEKT' album earlier this month.

Having faced challenges in previous managerial relationships, the artist remained without a manager for sometime before Sammy Flex came on board.

Shatta Wale highlighted Sammy Flex's unique ability to understand and meet the artist's specific demands, describing him as the ideal manager.

In contrast to his past experiences, Shatta Wale expressed satisfaction with the seamless and harmonious working relationship with Sammy Flex.

The artist emphasized that Sammy Flex's understanding of his needs surpasses that of any of his previous managers, contributing to his success.

“What I want to say about Sammy Flex is that he is the Moses for Shatta Movement. What Sammy Flex is doing is just listening, and I love that.

“What I would like to commend him for is that he’s been patient in following what is going on. All the managers that I have worked with, if I say I want Gari, then they will give me chicken,” Shatta Wale remarked.

The artist shared a trip to London with Sammy Flex, praising the manager for his diligence.

Shatta Wale highlighted how Sammy Flex would wake up every morning to jog during the trip, demonstrating a commitment to constant check-ins and ensuring a positive working environment.

Expressing his appreciation for Sammy Flex's approach, Shatta Wale said, “A manager that comes into your life and likes to dictate to you an established artist is where I have problems with most people that come into my life. I will say Kudos to him [Sammy Flex]. I like people who want to follow.”

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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