Let’s have a regulatory body for Ghanaian comedy – CEO 2927 Comedy Club

By Simon Tetteh || Contributor
Comedy News Let’s have a regulatory body for Ghanaian comedy – CEO 2927 Comedy Club

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 2927 Comedy Club Madam Judith Cato Addison, has said comedy in Ghana requires a regulatory body to help improve the industry.

Speaking to journalists during a comedy show at the 2927 premises Mrs. Judith mentioned that the sector had not reached the expected level because it lacked a regulatory body to support through initiatives.

She said creating an avenue for comedians to improve was imperative in the development of their craft and the industry.

She said the comedian industry is a huge sector that could draw young talents into the scene but lacks the platform hence 2927 Comedy Club offers that platform.

According to her, the establishment of 2927 Comedy Club in the last two years had served as a rehearsal stage for young comedians to test and master their craft to excel on bigger platforms and international platforms.

“2927 is a platform that allows them to try their jokes so that people can tell them whether they like them or not, this helps them when at the end of the year they want to do big shows they know what jokes already work so it doesn’t become boring. Many people have complained about our comedy industry because they don’t think the comedians are funny and its been a thing in the past but because of avenues like this the comedians are owning their talent and they are becoming better at their craft and so it is a very good platform for all comedians,” he stated.

She cited that young comedians including Oh Joe, Papa Yaw and Okoko Bioko are examples of products of 2927 comedy club who have had the opportunity to practice consistently, build their confidence and now being recognized internationally.

“I think comedy in Ghana is picking up a lot, is not as I use to think that we are not there or we are not funny I think that we are doing it and we are coming out. Back then they use to do tribal jokes and people were like we are tired of these jokes but that is because they don’t have any opportunity to practice their jokes and testing new jokes and I feel like our platform and if there is any other that is doing the same thing is providing them that opportunity so our comedy industry is starting to see some light,” she stressed.

She urged Ghanaians to support the comedy industry to make it better.

“Just as musicians have their studios where they record their songs a comedian will need a club where they can try their new materials which was something Ghana comedian industry we lacked for a long time so 2927 comedy has been of help because now comedians know that every Thursday you need to come here with new materials to try,” said lexy the comic, a standup comedian and a radio and TV host at EIB group.

He said 2927 had created a platform for comedians to look beyond Ghana made up of a diverse group of people around the world.

According to him, it had unearthed a lot of new talents who came in their raw state but had been able to realize their potential.

In his view, Corporate Ghana has not given attention to Ghanaian comedy indicating that Nigeria, South Africa, and most of the European countries and America have taking advantage of the comedy industry to grow.

“Comedy is actually one of the best creative tools to actually jab your competitor in the market and nobody will take offence but your message will still be carried through so I think corporate Ghana has not really taken advantage of comedy, just a few of them have seen the light but we pray for more of them to come on board as time goes on because most of the things we do we need their support to keep running,” he stressed.

He further urged the Ghanaian population to have confidence and support the comedian industry by patronising their shows.

He announced that some upcoming shows for the festive season this year include ‘Greetings from abroad’, ‘Night of 1000 laughs’ among others.

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