Santrofi Troupe Presents Tradition in Motion: A Dance Diversity in Germany

Art & Culture Santrofi Troupe Presents Tradition in Motion: A Dance Diversity in Germany
AUG 1, 2023 LISTEN

After months of touring the US, Switzerland and France, and performing with Ghanaian Highlife heavyweights including AB Crentsil and AK Yeboah, jamming with sensational musicians like Camidoh, superstar Black Sherif and Kumasi trap sensation Yaw Tog, Santrofi has announced a dance diversity project in Germany.

The programme is scheduled to place from 11 August 2023 in Germany. The event is on a limited run of exclusive Ghanian musical dance performances such as Kete, Adowa, Nnwomkoro, Apatampa, Fontomfrom, among others to major amphitheaters and arenas in Germany and will include multiple festival performances.

Santrofi is also professionally known to integrate Ghana’s ethnic cultural background and traditions into their dance performances and choreography. By this, the group often draws from traditional dance forms, music, and costumes from their culture and brings a unique perspective and interpretation to their presentations.

Santrofi shall uniquely present the Asante culture. The exceptional traditional dancers include Appiah Yvonne Serwaa, popularly known as Theresa; Darkey Pearl Korkor, Dawson Henry, Idun Josephine, Quaye Sarah, and Seweri-Boateng Laud Kojo.

The mesmerizing Asante Fontomfrom Dance owes its enchantment to the skillful Santrofi drummers: Tweneboah Isaac Kodua, Ofori Joshua, Larbi Prince, Kuntu–Blankson Emmanuel, and Arthur Nobert Wonkyi. Their rhythmic beats add an unforgettable dimension to their performances.

One of Ghana’s popular dance forms of which the Santrofi troupe dishes to their audience with ease is Fontomfrom – the most complex of all musical types of the Akan of Ghana. It is a series of warrior dances that are performed in religious, ceremonial and social contexts at the courts of chiefs.

Santrofi’s enchanting performers such as Emmanuel Ofori, the group leader Robert Koomson, and their counterpart drummers are carefully selected to represent different cultures in Ghana to enhance their culturally-rhythmic dance and musical presentations with meaning whiles maintaining their authenticity.

These performers are masters of the traditional instruments and techniques in their playing, bringing a distinct perspective and interpretation to contemporary drumming styles. They all come to the group with enough knowledge about their ethnicity, history, and rich culture.