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Cassette-minded Rex Omar, Bessa Simons must be removed — Kofi Jamar

Cassette-minded Rex Omar, Bessa Simons must be removed — Kofi Jamar
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Member of Kumerica/Asaaka music group, Kofi Jamar has stated that the Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) Rex Omar and the President of the Musicians Union Of Ghana(MUSIGA) Bessa Simons must vacate their positions.

According to Kofi Jamar, Rex Omar and Bessa Simons are still using the same old-fashioned approach in managing the affairs of their respective offices and for that matter they must pave the way for persons with contemporary brains like 3 Music Awards President, Baba Sadiq.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Atinka TV's 'JukeBox' show- hosted by Nana Adwoa Annan and Dj Extra, Kofi Jamar, who was explaining why most Ghanaian musicians are poor said:" Ghana is not like abroad where Musicians make a lot of money when their songs are being played...It's high time that the MUSIGA president and other presidents here stepped in and did something like that for us ... We need more improvement."

He added, "The problem we have now is that we don't bring the youth on board...our Presidents are not well-versed with the current system...In their time, they were using cassettes so they're still in the archaic system of using Cassettes."

He buttressed his claims by adding, "this time around it's about streaming on phones, Audio Mark, Spotify... We need Youths who are much enlightened with distributions of songs and can also pick up a phone and call Audio Mark, Spotify, Boomplay so they can come and open their offices here to prioritize Ghanaian musicians".

The 'I Surrender' hitmaker concluded by advising that Ghana is moving forward "so we need to cast aside the old brains and bring learned youths like Baba Sadiq who are much abreast with the current system."

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