'Musicians don't appreciate our works, even refuses to share our stories' —Takoradi blogger cries

General News Boga Ali Hashim
JUL 14, 2022 LISTEN
Boga Ali Hashim

Boga Ali Hashim, a popular blogger and writer in Takoradi is not happy how bloggers in the Western Region are treated.

He told Empire 102.7 FM in Takoradi that artistes, promoters, and influencers in the region do not pay attention to bloggers in the region.

He said even when bloggers in the area do a story for a brand, artistes refuse to share, but the same people will pay a blogger from Accra to write and share such stories for them.

“It’s about time industry players in the region gave ears to bloggers and appreciated them for their write-ups and not wait until they need them the most before they go about looking for them, or else they will be charged before writing or blogging about them,” he said.

Ali stated that both bloggers and people in the industry need each other to grow.