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Exclusive News | Feb 19, 2019

Pastors Who Sack Ladies For Bad Dressing Are Not From God— Bro Sammy

Pastors Who Sack Ladies For Bad Dressing Are Not From God— Bro Sammy

In a typical Christian church, decency is a major factor when it comes to attending church. On Sundays it is usually a common sight to see men and women clad in beautiful African prints going to church. However with the evolution of technology, a lot has changed over the years when it comes to dressing.

Most churches no longer chastise members on dressing and as a result the women dress indecently to church. Some of the clothes are extremely revealing and can make one lose concentration. While some churches like the Pentecost are very strict on dressing and caution the young ladies to dress appropriately, other churches are of the view that Christianity or otherwise Godliness rests in the heart and not in outfits, therefore, a female believer can put on anything of her choice to church. This argument has been the stance of Gospel musician Brother Sammy.

However, Brother Sammy stated in an interview that any Pastor who sacks a lady from church because of her seductive outfit is not a good man of God.

According to him, Godliness doesn’t rest in outfits, so there’s no need for any sound man of God to take such harsh action.

He added that pastors who come across such situations should take the ladies through a series of biblical teachings and with time, the lady will do the needful.

Watch full interview below;

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