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General News | Sep 15, 2018

Edem Knight-Tay Headlines Joy FM's 6th Tour Partnership With Adansi Travels

Edem Knight-Tay Headlines Joy FM's 6th Tour Partnership With Adansi Travels

The host of Joy FM’s family show Home Affairs and lead producer for Drive Time, Edem Knight-Tay is headlining the sixth edition of the station's partnership with Adansi Travels.

Earlier editions were headlined by Lexis Bill, Doreen Andoh, DJ Black, Gary Al Smith and Kojo Yankson.

Mrs Knight-Tay is on a 10-day tour of Europe with 53 others, dubbed the Taste of Europe from September 6 -16.

The group is touring five cities in three European countries namely; Rome, Venice and Milan in Italy, Zurich in Switzerland and Barcelona in Spain.

Read Edem’s Diary below:
The 54 of us set off on September 6 with a great six-hour flight to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines which transited for 1hour 30 minutes before flying for another two hours to Rome.

After immigration proceedings at the Rome Ciampino Airport, we were bused straight to the Trevi fountain. The Trevi Fountain is located in the Trevi District, designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and completed by Giuseppe Pannini. Standing 26.3 metres high and 49.15 metres wide, it is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world.)

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From there, we checked into our hotel, had dinner and rested. After breakfast on September 8, we set out on the city tour of Rome. The group visited the Vatican City and the Colosseum. We also had a long drive appreciating the city of Rome.

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We set out the next day to Venice which was about a seven-hour drive. We, however, stopped in the city of Florence to tour the city. It was a great opportunity to see the famous Leonardo Da Vinci museum. After a wonderful day seeing around and doing a lot, it was time to rest so the group passed the night at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Padova.

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The next morning, we had an hour drive to the city of Venice. The bus stopped at Trochento where we joined a water Taxi to Venice and toured the city. The San Marc park is an amazing place and the group wanted to spend more time there. After all group members took turns to enjoy the gondola ride, they shopped for some souvenirs before heading back to Trochento via the Water Taxi.

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We were on board again for another four-hour drive to Milan...

On September 12, the group had a good appreciation on Milan. It is said that, for every church in Rome, there is a shop in Milan. Milan is a contemporary city which also has a lot of preserved historic sites. Milan is home to all your favourite designers and budding ones.

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The highlight of Milan is the Duomo. This cathedral was built over a period of 600 years with white marbles both inside and outside. The statute of St Mary which is in gold is the highest point of the building in Milan. No building can be taller than the statue of St Mary on top of the Duomo.

We ended our day in Milan at the San Siro Stadium.
Expect more from my travelling diary...

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