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Christ Image - Fa Ma No (lyrics)

Oduro Anyan
31 October 2016 | Lyrics

new year & am still here/
next year & i'll be here/

Verse 1
awia abɔ aane adeɛ nsaaeɛ/
m'ano atɔ daabi m'anum asɛm nsaeɛ/
na wo dwene sɛ y'awie afei mpo na yɛre hyɛ aseɛ/
bɛ kahyire bi bɔ firi sɛ asɛm no m'abɔ no bɛ dɛ/
Methodist asafo bɛ ka sɛ Nyame adwuma na hwɛ/
Nyame adwuma ɔde ahyɛ mensa ɛno na ɛwɔ sɛ me yɛ/
yi fɛreɛ to nkyɛn fa kristohare yi Nyame ayɛ/
sɛneɛ flow no si si so wo ankasa ɛnyɛ wo dɛ/
many times i've been told i won't survive/
but m'apem aba m'anim dodo charley mentumi nsan/
there's a tiny voice inside/ telling me it's all a lie/
deɛ megyedi ne sɛ the Mighty Lord is on my side/
(boy) nyɛ ɛnɛ na mesim/ but deɛ ehia ne sɛ me da so merekɔ m'anim/
Nyame ka me ho yi wontumi nyi me firim/
charley i gotta fulfill the dream/

Verse 2
i was waiting for tomorrow but tommorow it never came/
then my mentality changed/
got something to do I do it today/
i don't wait/
gotta prepare my land for the rain/
let it rain/
adom a Nyame de adom me mentumi mma no nkɔ waste/
who's against/ Nyame ka me ho/ my heart never faints/
too blind/ to see it's Lord we praise/
ɔkyena yɛ nni hɔ mpo we will never fade/
cos we minister life and our words carry weight/
talkers say Ci fake/ Ci nie/ God says Ci dominate/
and still you wonder why Ci go hard in the paint/
anybody here looking for change/
just so you know Ci believe in change/
just so you know am here to cause a change/
just so you know I wanna be the change/

Verse 3
kristohare ayɛ sɛ marathon/
mmerɛ no so I'll hand over the baton/
till then mɛ kae wo nkwagyeɛ yɛn ntɔn/
Nyankopɔn bɛ gye wo deɛ wo ɛhia ne gyidie/
pini asendua no ho na wo bɛ nya faahodie/
adom pono no Yesu abue/
wura mu bi my paddy ɛbɛ si wo yie/
deɛ ɔwɔ aso no me serɛ no ɔntie/

New Year Message
In this new year I pray you stay focused on God.
Stay focused on your calling, on your dreams. With God all things are possible.
I wish you divine health, prosperity and success in your endeavours.
Nyame te ase biribiara bɛ yɛ fine.
ɛmma w'akoma ntu/ ɛmma w'aba mu mbu/
keep working and working/
keep praying and praying/

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