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Why Doctors Second Opinion is very important for Knee Replacement Surgery ?

By Bakul Arora
Why Doctors Second Opinion is very important for Knee Replacement Surgery ?

Total Knee Replacement Surgery is very common and high successful surgery in India now a days. But patients are always waiting for doctors second opinion and its also recommended by doctors to have second opinion before knee replacement surgery. Each doctors examine the patients in different ways , some surgeons embrace with new technique or new machines or new Implants, this new techniques or machines help different patients in different ways. There must be three reason where patients should go for Second Opinion before Joint Replacement Surgery.

1.Conventional Techniques V/S new techniques .

Patients has the option to choose the technique, a senior doctors with good hand but still using a old open surgery techniques where patients need to stay in hospital for 7-8 days , unbearable pain, heavy loss of blood, high antibiotics , patients find it very difficult to bear all this things at the age of 50 plus., patients has a option to choose different new techniques and enjoy Painless surgery.

2.Partially or Fully Knee Replacement Recommended

Some time doctors recommended Total Knee Replacement but if the knee partially damage then a experienced doctor may advice patients only for Partially Knee Replacement surgery. Here By getting a second opinion, patients will discover whether another doctor thinks a Total Knee Surgery is necessary.

3.Implant Choices and cost
The Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery cost is depend on the Implant used during the surgery , there are various range of local and foreign implants are available in the market, so after taking different opinion patients get different options to reduce the cost, doctors give different hospitals options where patients can reduce the cost. Through the advance Knee Replacement technique patients can also reduce the cost

Dr. Bakul Arora
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