AKOM IN AMERICA? Yes ! ( Nana Asuo Gyebi Festival ) Akomkunkunfi In New York City

News AKOM IN AMERICA?  Yes ! ( Nana Asuo Gyebi Festival ) Akomkunkunfi  In New York City
JUL 1, 2017 LISTEN

A US based Akan indigenous spiritual, cultural and development organization, OBAATANPA House of Hope Intl. of New York is hosting its annual Nana Asuo Gyebi Akom festival dubbed AKOMKUNKUNFI at the Commodore Barry Park, Brooklyn, New York City on Sunday, July 2nd, 2017.

Nana Asuo Gyebi Festival is an annual Ghanaian Akan spiritual and culture with roots in Larteh-Akuapem practiced in America. The festival is a celebration of life, natural living and thanksgiving to Almighty God, the deities and the ancestors. Held annually as the first religious event at an outdoor space, The Akom is a staple and a must participate part of the International African Arts Festival in Brooklyn. OBAATANPA House of Hope Intl Inc. has been organizing this special outdoor Akom festival for 28 years.

Here is what is an excerpt from one of the organization's numerous websites:

The OBAATANPA House of Hope Inc is a religious, cultural and community development organization based in New York, USA.

Its religious and spiritual subsidiary is OBAATANPA N'abosum Fie. It is headed by a trained and graduate priest of A.S.U.O, Nana Baakan Okukuranpon Yirenkyiwa. Nana Baakan Okukuranpon trained under Okomfohemaa Nana Amoaba-Botwe, the Head of Nana Asuo Akomfo shrines in Ghana and the USA and is also the head spiritualist of the AKAN SPIRITUAL UNITED ORDER (A.S.U.O).

It is created for, and is dedicated to the spiritual upliftment and cultural development of the African Family. Through the dissemination of information,the OBAATANPA contributes to the general African Family, an understanding of the traditional practices of the Akans of Ghana, West Africa."

According to Nana Baakan Okukuranpon, the festival this year is special because this is the second year that the festival is being branded AKOMKUNKUNFI, a theme that reflects the elevated nature of the festival and its ultimate connection to the deities, good spirits, ancestors and healing. She says, Akom is Medicine, Akom is Health, Akom is the Truth and Akom is Ancient. Our ancestors knew Nyame (God) and that people should make efforts to understand spirituality in order to appreciate it. According to our African concept of man, humans are not only physical but of soul and spirits. Culture is life and life is spiritual. There are many challenges and problems in this physical world. To get answers, one needs to get involved and experience natural spirituality to know the truth.

The head Priestess, Nana Baakan Okukuranpon Yirenkyiwa, an American of African ancestry is well known for her powerful predictions and prophecies about Ghana and other countries which have all come to pass. She prefers low profile in her practice of Akom.

With a motto as strong as "AKOM NIE, EDURO NIE, EFIRI TETE" literary meaning the Healing Powers, Truth and Ancient Nature of Akom being real, one cannot miss such a great festival.

Starting time is 4:00pm sharp.

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