06.04.2006 Gossips

NPP Campaigned Against Wayo (0)

By Daily Guide
NPP Campaigned Against Wayo (0)
06.04.2006 LISTEN

Daily Guide has learnt from reliable sources, in Tamale, that some top NPP party people in government, in the last two days, sent emissaries with a “fat purse”, to campaign against Prof Wayo Seini, and influence NPP supporters to vote against Wayo, for the “tag” it placed on NPP and the Abudu clan, when he crossed carpet, to NDC in 2004. According to the source, those NPP gurus perceive Wayo as a pretender, and must, therefore, go back to NDC, where he belonged. Some of the NPP supporters, however, were seen by Daily Guide, campaigning for Prof Wayo, because they believe that, with his presence in the party, and coming from the Andani family, he can unite the Abudu and the Andani families, and help bring peace to Dagbon.

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