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12.02.2019 Football News

Olloboi Commodore Wants NC To Compensate Clubs Following Cancellation Of Competition

By Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo
GFA Normalization Committee
LISTEN FEB 12, 2019

General Manager for Division One League Club, Accra Great Olympics, Mr. Olloboi Commodore is pushing for clubs to be compensated by the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Normalization Committee (NC) following the cancellation of the Special Competition.

The NC through a press release yesterday indicated that they have cancelled the proposed Special competition after accusing Premier League clubs of sabotaging the process. They claim that the 16 clubs in the top division threw spokes into their wheels which made it impossible for them to get the competition underway.

Speaking to class fm today however, the Olympics General Manager stated they should be compensated for the investment they had to do to recruit players whiles preparing for the competition.

“They must do better. When we didn’t know about citizen Kofi we thought that he is running his business very well. But the same person was nominated to run Ghana football and we thought that he will do it well”.

“What I am seeing now some of us we are worried. It is not all that glitters that is gold. We have spent money, recruited players, registered players and they are telling us that we cannot play. Perhaps there must be some compensation”, Olloboi Commodore said.

Meanwhile the NC has assured the Division One League Clubs that they will be coming up with a program for the very soon. It is nonetheless not clear whether it will be a competition or not.