28.05.2005 Sports News

AU Day tourney with Ghana Club

By Fiifi Baidoo jnr.
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On behalf of the Chairman, organisers and the Team captain i wish to congratulate you all on your performances and turn up at the courts of the Ghan Club.

On this day, Ghana Club took the singles by a 4-1 margin and STC emphasised its strength in the doubles by a 4-2 margin.

Scores were as follows;

Roger 7 Ben Kane 9 Prempeh 4 Owusu Affram 9 Akunu 5 Yirenkyi 9

Samuel Tetteh 9 Asiedu Offei 5

John Doe 8 Yaw Adjei 9


C.Nortey/Yankah 7 - Nat/Maxi 9

Dadson/D. Mettle 5 - Sammy/Gp.Capt Quaynor 9

Roger/Prempeh 7 - A.Offei/Affram 9

Segbefia/Fazzy 3 Dr. Tawiah/Agyemfra 9

Akunu/John Doe 6 - A.Millah/A. Issah 9

Hayfron/Asamoah 0 - Paul Addy/D. Laryea 9

Hmmmm! a tourney of sorts. Paul Addy and Dan started looking too old on the court as compared to the young guys on the other side. However, they made their game the most tiring, trying to clinche just one out of none. No cripple for the mercy. Surely, it was a nice match.

Maxi was doing wonders with his 'alokoto' strokes and the ocassional 'kete' step. Nat as usual will not spare with good serves.

Sammy showed that though he is growing bald gradually, it was not like that of his opponent. The man was sweating no where else but in his shorts. Good show Sammy.

What else could have been expected from the lovely GENTLE duo of Gp.Capt. Quaynor and Sammy. These pairings by the Team Captain and the Coaches should be watched and reinforced. Some were brilliant.

Dr. Tawiah! hmmm! maybe i should not talk. How old is the man? Always smiling but when he got to business, it was really nice business. Agyemfra's left hand must be insured. That is all i will say. The man is losing good cash. The insurers, note. We have some good assets here.

Our other members had been relied on to give us singles players but.....only Sammy. Hoefully, next time we will have them. I must commend Prempeh for the good sportmanship. At his age and all, he stood tall in the sun. His skills were very well at the fore but stamina can sometimes be an enemy. He made his game enjoyable.

I believe we could have carried the day if all things had been right. That notwithstanding, please let us work on our singles play.

Thank you.


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