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23.11.2004 Sports News

It's Finished (B/A United)

By SpaceFM
It's Finished  (B/A United)
LISTEN NOV 23, 2004

The last words said by Jesus Christ before he died has been repeated after 2004 years by B/A United. "IT'S FINISHED".

The team is now going to face life in Babylon(First Division) and until they do their homework well and are certified to rub shoulders with the big guns again, they cannot come back to Zion(Premier). When Hearts and Kotoko would be laughing all the way to the bank after the finals, the opposite would be happening at Sunyani. There would be wailing and gnashing of teeth and finger pointing. They should weep not for they brought this on themselves.

What has happened to them is a shinning testament to the efficacy of the leaders who took over from the previous one in an unconstitutional manner and the supporters' inability to process information to make a rational decision in regards to who should govern.

What they didn't know was that agility is a far more important quality in a leader than the rigid conviction they were holding. Their perspective had gone unchallenged despite their claims of knowing the ins and outs of football. The nimby attitude of George Arthur whose decisions at that time were dictated at every stage by grandiose vision and wishful thinking, coupled with the unreasoning attitude of his hench men have brought about all these mess.

They have shot themselves in the foot and this stupid thing they did is going to live with them till the team comes back to the Premiership.

According to the fantasies of some of the ardent supporters I have talked to here and in Ghana, they are adamant and believe that things are not going to be that hard for them.That to me is a figment of their own imaginations. They should take a cue from some of the teams like Dwarfs, Corners,Wise to mention a few that the going is not going to be all that rosy for them and if care is not taken that will be the end of the team.Anybody who thinks otherwise might be deficient in reasoning or thinking. Even the most ardent supporters would be stretching the bounds of self-delusion if they are thinking positive.

I don't know what George Arthur, Kusi, Kwame Asante, Joe Boahen, Anto (LTD) and some morons who had the mental acuity of an 8 year old and who couldn't tell the diference between A from B going to tell the people of Sunyani and Brong Ahafo about what they did to the previous administration whose foresight brought about reforms to the team and to which the supporters acknowledged with profound gratitude. In private these people were worried that their case was weak but in public they expressed absolute certainty about their false allegations and the expansion of charges they put forward.

I hope and believe that history is going to judge them for the collosal error of judgement they have made as everything is showing now in startling clarity.Only one group of people are going to gain from this nufortunate incident and it is the supporters of Bofoakwa. They would be ecstatic when the league is over and they are to play again in the premier next year.

MR, TEE( Denver---USA)

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