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19.11.2013 Sports News

Lebron James encourages Beckham over Soccer in Miami

By Moutakilou MUMUNI -
Listen to article Africa Top Sports reported that England's former internationa midfielder David Beckham nicknamed “The Spice Boy” is planning to own a Major League Soccer franchise in Miami whose previous franchise collapsed in 2002.

After having met with league leaders over his proposal last, David just found the encouragement of Lebron James , Miami's Basketball super star.

“There's some interest in both sides, “ James told ESPN.

“David has become a good friend of mine over the last few years and I think it would be great for this city to have a football club, for sure.

“The research is still being made out but I think it can be huge.

“I think this is a great town for soccer. There are a lot of soccer players here. There is a lot of great youth soccer here.”

Note that King James owns shares in Liverpool.


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