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19.06.2007 Sports Letters

Do We Have Women Under-17?

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Editor, I am a regular reader of the Graphic Sports but I have neither read nor heard anything about the national women Under-17 football team. Do they exist?

I am aware that the Black Queens are making the nation proud through their exploits on the continent and even beyond but nothing is heard about the nursery team.

There is Under-12 and also Under-19 who I hear will represent Ghana at next month's All Africa Games in Algeria but what about Under-17? Is it the case that we do not have it or that the media are just not interested in their activities?

For if indeed, there is nothing like national Under-17 female football team, then I cannot comprehend how come that we have Under-17 teams at club levels and yet do not have one at the national level.

The Queens are preparing towards the Women's World Cup in China in September and that alone should be a big motivator for the authorities to develop all the other levels of women football.

Just recently, our Under-14 women team, the Black Damsels, made the entire continent proud at the Switzerland tournament where they won the topmost award in the FIFA-organised comeptition for some selected countries.

I am surprised the Ghana Football Association does not have an Under-17 national women team.

I believe we have competent coaches in the country who can tour the nook and cranny of the country to build a strong Under-17 for Ghana.

A. Gafaru (Plantini-Gafour),

Dagbandaba Area,

Box 681, Tamale.