World Taekwondo appoints Frederick Lartey Otu as Technical Delegate for Africa Senior Championships

By Sammy Heywood Okine
Athletics World Taekwondo appoints Frederick Lartey Otu as Technical Delegate for Africa Senior Championships
JUN 30, 2022 LISTEN

President of the Ghana Taekwondo Federation (GTF), Mr. Frederick Lartey Otu has been appointed as Technical Delegate for two Africa Senior Championships taking place in Kigali, Rwanda.

Mr. Otu, a Principal Revenue Officer of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, would supervise the Poomase to be held on July 14-15, 2022, and Kyorugi at the same venue on July 16-17, 2022.

The President of World Taekwondo, Chungwon Choue commended the GTF president in correspondence for his dedication to the successful organization of the championship.

Mr. Otu would ensure that the tournament takes place in strict compliance with World Taekwondo Competition Rules in fair judging and smooth operation.

Mr. Otu must know and understand the various situation of MNSs through conversations with the officials of each MNAs.

“The position of Technical Delegate is of utmost importance to the sport of taekwondo, which is why I have every belief that you will serve your post with integrity and pride,” the correspondence said.

Mr. Otu confirmed the appointment and explained what it entails.

According to him, a Technical Delegate was required to make technical decisions on rules and guidelines to be applied to the competition and also, check the overall preparation by the organizers before the competition and ensure everything was arranged in strict conformity with the competition rules.

He said the Delegate will decide the method for drawing lots and the ratio of random weigh-in as well as preside over the head of team meetings and other technical meetings.

“The Technical Delegate will perform as the Chairman of Competition Supervisory Board and Extraordinary on-spot sanction committee and make technical decisions in close cooperation with CSB,” he said.

He will also be required to supervise and evaluate the performances of referees and make the final decision when unexpected situations arise about competition operation and management that are not covered by the WT Competition Rules.

Mr. Otu becomes the first Ghanaian to reach the level of 1st Class International Taekwondo Referee and the only certified Ghanaian World Taekwondo Technical Delegate.

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