11.07.2003 Sports News

Brong Ahafo Teams Must Back Up

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BEREKUM ARSENAL, Gunners not ‘Goners’ Arsenal’s scintillating performance this season has yielded some dividends. Thorough planning, hard work and commitment have culminated in sweet victories over King Faisal, Okwawu United and Mine Stars this season. Nobody gave them a dog’s chance in their 5th week league match against Olympics in Accra. Yet they fought gallantly and came back to cancel Oly’s lead against all odds. In the post-match interview, Coach Afranie described the Berekum lads as a fearsome side.

In an interview with this reporter, the Chairman of Arsenal, Alhaji Moro (Yakubu) attributed the massive transformation to careful planning and dedication on the part of the playing body. He heaped a lot of commendations and laudations on the chairman of the Council of Patrons, Mr.Enerst Apraku, M.D. of A.B.T.S. for his massive financial contribution to the club citing the 44-seatre fully air-conditioned bus he has recently acquired for the club. The Chairman hinted that Arsenal would get better as the league progresses. “Many were those skeptics who thought the departure of John Paintsil and Francis Aggrey (Mboma) was going to impact negatively on the club, but now there are more Paintsils and Mbomas”. He stressed. “You ain’t seen anything yet”. He said beaming with smiles.

Arsenal are currently occupying 5th position with eleven points, having won three matches, drawn two and lost two. They have already protested to F.A. in all the two matches they lost. The one against Goldfields was upheld but the latter has gone to the Appeal Committee. The ruling in the case involving B/A United is yet to be made public. If Arsenal win both cases, they will topple Hearts from the top of the league. B/A UNITED, Come back Apostles. The powers of Apostles Soccer are yet to make big impact in the premier league. Having won only two matches, drawn one and lost three, the fans were expecting nothing but sweet victory over the scientific soccer lads, liberty Professionals but the expectant fans of ‘Sure United’ sat dumbfounded as their idol club was humbled 3-1 at their own backyard.

The management, supporters, and the players are grappling to find answers to the dismal performance of the once dreaded club. Whilst section of the fans have blamed the players for lack of commitment, others have accused the management for not motivating the players enough. The extremists have gone a mile further to blame the old management for employing ‘juju’ to undo the current management.

However, a senior analyst of Space Fm, Joe Dankwa has attributed the goal drought of B/A United to lack of cohesion in the team. He said since most of the players are new in the team, there is the need to allow them to settle down.

It is quite inexplicable why B/A lads are still struggling to find their rhythm with the experienced players like Prince Adu-Poku, Nana Frimpong, Anars Mohammed and Alhaji Abass.

The club is 10th on the league table with 7 points but the fans have been living in the state of uncertainty since Arsenal protested against Daniel Bomfa in their 3rd week league match which United won 2-0. The disciplinary Committee is expected to come out with its ruling this week. If B/A United were found guilty, the club would drop to the bottom of the table with only a point. This is what B/A fans are praying to avoid. BOFOAKWA, Is the situation Real? Real Bofoakwa are currently topping the league table from the bottom with miserable 3 points from 7 games. The are now banging their hope in the Disciplinary Committee for the three maximum points in their 6th week match against Stay Cool which ended abruptly at Sunyani Coronation park.

The head coach Emmanuel Quarshie has been experimenting with all kinds of permutations to find the right chemistry in his team to produce results, but all to no avail. Where lies the problem? Is it with the management or the players?

Ironically, Bofoakwa escaped from the relegation net during the final games of the league last season. Like the proverbial vulture, the management and all the stakeholders swore thunder and brimstone to change the fortunes of the team this season. What are we seeing now? The inscriptions are very clear on the wall. If they want to catch up those who are walking, they need to run!

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