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Ahmed Boakye Wins Ghana Strongest 2020

By Sammy Heywood Okine
Ahmed Boakye Wins Ghana Strongest 2020
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The TV3 Ghana Strongest 2020 which took place at Tegbi, near Keta in the Volta Region (The Power To Do) lived to its billing as experience favourite Ahmed Boakye beat all his competitors to claim the brand new Hyundai car, title belt and cash prize as well bragging rights.

He said it has not been easy as he has suffered a lot to get to the top in season nine after many tries. He placed first in four of the five contests.

The Kumasi based champion thanked him mum and fans who supported him when the competition got tougher.

Young Prosper Dakora who was in the finals for the first time was second.

There were five events at the finals which took place at the beautiful serene Eli’s Beach Resort where musician, Edem entertained the guests and fans.

The event was sponsored by GHACEM, Promasidor Ghana Ltd, Ernest Ointment, Day by Day Cosmetics and Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm.

3,000 Kg Weight Truck Pull
1st– Godfred Akobila -30secs, 2nd Mustapha Arhin -35.89secs, 3rd Ahmed Boakye -40.85secs, 4th Prosper Dakora -41secs.

250 Kg Squats
1st Ahmed Boakye - 17 reps in 50.31secs, 2nd Godfred Akobila -13 reps in 43. 32secs, 3rd Prosper Dakora -7 reps in 30.1secs, , Mustapha Arhin 4th - 6 reps in 22.1secs.

GHACEM 80 Kg Stone Toss (2mins)
1st Ahmed Boakye- 9 tosses in 1min 55secs, 2nd Godfred Akobila - 9 tosses in 1min 53secs, 3rd Prosper Dakora – 3 tosses in 17secs, 4th Mustapha Arhin – 2 tosses in 1min 20secs.

Fingal Fingers Pole (2mins)
1st Ahmed Boakye - 7 in 1min.56secs, 2nd Godfred Akobila -7 in 2mins, 3rd Prosper Dakora - 6 in 1min.41secs, 4th Mustapha Arhin - 3 in 1min 10secs.

Sack In The Pond Race (2mins)
1st Ahmed Boakye –2 rounds in 1min 33secs, 2nd Prosper Dakora - 2 rounds in 1min 37.8secs, 3rd Mustapha Arhin- 1 round in 1min 20secs, 4th Godfred Akobila – Fell and Dropped sack.

Final placing:
1st AHMED BOAKYE – 5,000 GHC plus Hyundai Car and title belt

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