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'tror-tror' luxury

We call it tror-tror

Ga word meaning crawl-crawl

The platform for traders, beggers and pastors

In it they sell bread, cosmetics and balms

The next minute pastors come to preach Psalms

I call it "death trap"

Because it is just a (metal) scrap

If it don't injure you, it will tear your dress

In it white shirts turn brown-oh! dust condition

Little arguments result in commotion

Where ladies bodies get expose-oh! temptation

As I am writing I am in a tror-tror packed with yams

I am being applauded by kindness of uneasinness

Where dust causes dizzinness

Tror-tror is a misery

Yet I call it luxury

Because when I buy my hummmer it would be history.

by Kingsley Ofosu Ntiri

 Posted by: Kingsley Ofosu Ntiri

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