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Black Stars, Black Ballons

I am a star that was born black
I am full of hope and radiance
Oh! How does a black star shine?
it always exudes white heat!
I am brighter than what your eyes can see

see, the way our eyes detect light
a lamp ten times more luminous
than a second lamp will appear less
than ten times brighter to human eyes
all stars are measured in magnitudes

I am a higher magnitude black star
but the lower a star's magnitude
the brighter it is for the eyes to see
stars with negative magnitudes
are indeed, the brightest of all!

I am a big balloon coloured black
I am full of what lifts to lofty heights
Oh! Do black balloons also fly?
It is what is inside me, not my colour
black balloons too fly to greater heights

I am the blacksmith of ploughshares
I am full of creative essence of peace
Oh! Where is my quantum smithy?
the very heart of humanity is my foundry!
swords into pruning shares, arsenals into granaries

so doubt me not, you sons of anachronism
when I catch a moonbeam in my palms
when I lift up the sea waves to hide fresh dews
when I wrestle my quill from the whirlwind
I captured infinity by becoming one with nature!

by Dela Bobobee

 Posted by: Dela Bobobee


Dela | 2/16/2010 5:22:21 AM

Sorry guys, there is a typographical error. The word "Ballons." is meant to be Balloons. Pardon the missed-up, pls.

Fammy | 5/28/2010 10:23:32 PM

This is Nice :)

akwasi | 9/9/2010 4:46:32 AM

that was cool


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