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The Night We Made Love

The night we made love was so special,You laid my head down softly on the pillow,Then kissed my neck which began to tickle.You slow kissed every inch of my body, And thats whern things got roudy.You slowly and gently started going up and down,And i tried not to cry or make a sound.One then two then three hours long,It felt as if i was listening to an everlasting love song.Deep inside I could feel you connecting with me as if we were one.Oops now we have a little son.The night we made love was so special and un forgetable.Heaven and earth touched that day,And I know you feel the same wayWe wouldnt have the precious present we have now,If it wasnt for the night we made love.

by Everymanfantsy

 Posted by: everymanfantasy


Cynthia | 1/12/2007 7:33:47 AM

Love this poem. I am an African-American novelist just surfing the net for some Ghanaian literature, poetry (my book is set in Ghana) and came across this one. I think I'll read it to my husband tonight!

Doris | 2/9/2007 7:47:00 PM

This poem is deep. There is nothing more captivating than having a man who appreciates every inch of your body to make good use of it. You feeling him and him feeling you so deep. That is the power of love!


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