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Have You Ever

Have you ever got up to the sound of a helpless man, helpless like a baby dove
Struck by your beauty, full on your sweet soul obsessed with your love?
Have you, Have you?
Oh the sound is so wonderful it feels so angelic, just like the sky blue
It makes you tingle inside, and every second, your sensation renews
Blessed are the beauty queens who have a helpless man, they are blessed in so many ways
Because a girl like myself, finds trouble finding a helpless man these days
I mingle I tango I flirt at every chance I get

by Juliejuo Boamah

 Posted by: Juliejuo Boamah

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quot-img-1If you come from a country that practises backward politics, never be in contact with foreigners , they will ask you embarrassing questions.

By: Adwoa Ayamba quot-img-1