A Nation Falling To Pieces, A Poem By S Kojo Frimpong

Ever heard of untold stories before?
Before the beginning of time,
Time never lived here
So we placed our trust in no one
But the clocks in our minds

One day, our nation shall rise
Rise again
But it falls again in the end
What shall become of our dreams
Of flying high above like an eagle?

The country, we both love, is falling into pieces
The country, Kwame Nkrumah, formed on the dead bodies of warriors,
With the sweat and blood of our forefathers
Is now left rotting to nothingness
It is breaking down in front of us like the walls of Jericho
So tell me how can a country fly like it is supposed to
If it keeps sinking in the quick sand?

A Poem Written by, S Kojo Frimpong

Author: S Kojo Frimpong

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