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The Deadly Corona

THE DEADLY CORONA Why come now? A time of the full moon! When the joy of the night rings, Calling sadness into joy, And mourning into feasting. Why come when a baby happily sucks her mother's breast, And milk for the father ready? From the whirlwind, you took us unawares Many knows not why you came! The wind could not tell where you came from, And where you are going to! Mothers no longer embrace their children, Everybody has become a stranger to a friend, Nowhere safe, not even the home We are of essence, but for a while in hand. Trees are shaking, their branches breaking off Their leaves are shed while the rains pour, But for no reason, the grasses joy, the leaves for manure. Good it may sound; the green grass goes nowhere but home. Drought in the midst of rain and moonlight amidst sunshine? Why did you come? The ear itches to hear Soon, soon and very soon the trees will cease to shake! This wind will blow no more, and no tree will break for a while? By: Jebuni Francis

by Francis Jebuni

 Posted by: Francis Jebuni

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