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The Clash Of The Lectern The Cry Of Yesterday Voice On Today’s Pulpits

(I dedicate this to you Mina, for telling me always am more than I am) The world will not doubt that I wrote this except I doubt I did. I didn't do this, it is that irresistible inner voice within me that did. Today am being a metaphysical poet writing like an ecclesiastical poet Towards a subject that keep worrying the entire earth. Lord, you have through these lines spoken at length I have only written it as you sent This is the yesterday church and todays in juxtaposition May these lines breed inspiration? Give us understanding For understanding is that on which we can keep standing. I don't see this as a religious satire Far from that, I see it as a reminder before our life on earth expire. I have written this as a religious surgery To cure today churches of every injury Lord, thanks a million for the words Tune my ears to always hear your voice. . I Yesterday's church focused on salvation Today's church focuses on population Yesterday's church showed interest in welfare Today's church showed interest in wealth fare Yesterday's church was known by its name Today's church is known by its fame Yesterday's church gave attention to evangelism Today's church is an agent of capitalism Yesterday's church, like the bee, was characterized by busyness Today's church is a synonym to business Yesterday's church focused on discernment Today's church operates on investment Yesterday's church was by the gospel's call Today's church is enthused by praying for one to fall Yesterday, the church was more spiritual Today, the church is more ritual Yesterday, the church was more of dedication Today, the church recognizes those with higher donation Yesterday's church planted and watered seeds Today's church harvest seeds Yesterday's church was concerned with the welfare of members Today's church is concerned with numbers Yesterday's church envisioned the conversion of pagans Today's church give much voice to slogans Yesterday, the church gave to the world good societal conducts Today, the church advertise numberless business products II Yesterday, by the church human beings became brave Today, by the church many human beings have become slaves Yesterday, by the church, many men were set free Today, by the church, being free attracts exorbitant fee Yesterday's church was noted for teaching the scriptures Today, the church is noted for incomprehensible pictures Yesterday's church has pictures of Jesus almost always all around Today's church, pictures of leaders abound Yesterday, political leaders and governments run to churches Today, churches run to political leaders with begging clutches Yesterday, by the voice of the church, leaders did rule Today, by the voices of governments, churches have folded cool Yesterday's church did bear human fruit Today's church is by materialism suit Yesterday's church selected leaders by divine inspiration Today's church select leaders by their level of education Yesterday, the ministry was a divine direction Today, the ministry has become a profession Yesterday, the church selected a marriage couple's theme Today, the church holds the marriage marking scheme Yesterday, the church was only a witness for marriages Today, by the attitude of the church many marriages have seen breakages Yesterday, the church's role in marriage was purely advisory Today, the church make marrying from the same church compulsory Yesterday's church concentrated on completion Whereas today's church concentrate on competition III Yesterday's church was based on biblical principles Today's church focus on humanistic and self-proclaimed titles Yesterday, worried human beings looked to the church And with hope like wet birds did perch Yesterday, in calamity, people ran to the church Sadly, today, pandemic force people out of the church Today's church is afraid of pandemic Because its own frailties has become seismic Yesterday's church was highly ecclesiastical Today's church is incomprehensibly political. Yesterday's church erased fear from members Today's church instil fear in numberless numbers. Yesterday, the church was the greatest school of learning Today, it has become the easiest avenue of earning Yesterday, with nothing, the anointed were by call pastoring Today, the appointed are by self-appointment profiteering. Yesterday, pastors were God's servants Today, the burden of appreciation has become permanent Yesterday, religious leaders were available and accessible Today, without influence, accessibility has become impossible Yesterday, the church focused on winning lost souls Today, by the church souls are lost to keep the one who financially sows Yesterday, the church was noted as a paragon of worship Today, it has become a parliament of gossips Yesterday's church held the keys for descent dressing Today's church allow minis and braless vesting. IV Yesterday, religious leaders went round to see their flocks Today, the flocks rather go but don't get response for their knocks Yesterday's church, everything was classless Today's church is full of classes that make many less Yesterday's church had “Am proud to be a son/daughter of God” as the inscription Today's church has “Am proud to be a member of the……… church” as the description Yesterday's church, followed the life of God, who worked 6 days and rested on the 7th day Sadly, today's church train people to rest 6 days and work only a day So yesterday church made people spiritually, intellectually and financially rich While today's church make people to stop work and chase to flash out an unseen witch. In the Yesterday's church, their syllabus has morality standing tall Today, the church watch as by immorality many do fall. Yesterday, beliefs gave countless people relief Today, by many beliefs, a great many are filled with grief Yesterday's church gave attention to members and their spiritual and social upbringing Today's church ignore the members and use them to put up building. Yesterday's church planted in the members that the churches were sacred places Today, people see church as ordinary so some WhatsApp and while preaching some brush their faces. V I am moved to pour out the sea of questions in me And for answers, my hope may be. Where is the church's 'yesterdayness' that it is now characterized by mess? Where is the church's power of education that it has now become a school of indoctrination? Where is the church's power to save? that its major focus has now become money to save? Where is the church's attractiveness that members now prefer to stay home with unhappiness? Where is the church's charisma that it has become a place full of drama? Where is the church's devotion that it has given in to potion? Where is the church's power of evangelism that it has become more of parasitism? Where is the church's divine discernment that is chasing advertisement? Where is the church's role that it can now be shut in hole? Where is the church's library of knowledge that it has lost all their courage? Where is the church's Shadradrack, Meshack and Abednago like boldness that churches could be quarantined in sheer coldness? Where is the God of yesterday that the church can be cowed today? Where is the braveness of Daniel, before Nebuchadnezer in Babylon that the church could today look helpless, hapless and forlorn? How has the church fallen fast from yesterday's grace that the unbelievers lead believers in life's race? Where is the church's biblical theologies that church is now man by philosophies? Lord, my sorrowful heart injects sorrowful blood As ink to this pen that flood We look forward to your newness Revive your church and mop our tears. Yours poetically, Signed……….. Shadrack Oteng ( Poet-Shaddy)

by Shadrack Oteng || Poet-Shaddy

 Posted by: Shadrack Oteng || Poet[-] Shaddy

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