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They Are Long Gone, But I Just Keep Wondering

Soon after I was there, daddy was no longer there My mother however seemed to stay but not up to today Now I wonder where they are as I live every day This is my story, the story of my parents Even though I now bask in glory, I feel that I am just but their success story Without them, I always feel like battling with the sorrow of being solo Daddy came and went before I could even say the word hie My mother came and went without letting me to say good bye Now I wonder who they were, these wonderful people who couldn't stay! Were they just messengers and I the message? Were they just delivery people and I the package? These are the questions that I have when I think of my parents As I traverse the world receiving accolades I just wonder how it feels like to be cheered by my own parents As I spread the message of success across the world I just wonder how it could have been felt by my own parents As I muse on being a parent I just wonder how it felt for them to be my parents As I move from glory to glory I just wonder if they ever knew I would be their success story Yes, they are long gone by now, but I just keep wondering ©Brian Kazungu, 2017

by Brian Kazungu

 Posted by: Brian Kazungu

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