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Church Revolution

If results they can't deliver to us, surely to glory they can't lead us We can't be their followers, if from our low lives they can't save us To them, no need to submit our tithes, if life remains this tight We can't be proud of being part of their crowds, when we become victims of their fraud We can't continue to burn in the flames of pain while they bask in fame We can no longer belong to their projects, if their God, us he can't protect We can no longer be loyal subjects, when every day we live as rejects For long we have been in these prisons, we can't continue without being given the reasons In pain, shame, ridicule and torment, unto the church we may enter But not that unto the church leader our lives we may surrender For even in our ignorance, we know that in heaven, there is someone greater Who has the power to make sure that from the tricks of religious theatrics, we are safer We must not hold in prestige, the clergy which delivers us unto the devil's siege We must not sacrifice spiritual enlightenment for religious excitement We cannot stand akimbo when our lives and the future of the church is in limbo We cannot witness an increase in churches and yet see a multiplication of curses From those who say the power of God they represent unto us We must surely demand that answers they deliver unto us For the church has been bound and its people are just turning round and round And yet it's meant to be the place where answers to the questions of life are found With the church, something has surely gone wrong It's clear, even in the mirror of life, that those in it are no longer feeling strong They are just holding on because they need somewhere to belong As such, the church needs a revolution and this is the sound of the gong ©Brian Kazungu, 28/09/2019

by Brian Kazungu

 Posted by: Brian Kazungu

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