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My Fears And Tears For Our Infant Peers

My pen, ring the bell for assembly And let all my creative instruments responds humbly To listen to the announcement from my brain On the effect of child labour and its pain. Child labour hasn't receive much attention I am humbled to write about this menace before my poetic pension. In my deepest heart flow rivers of sorrow As I watch children who do not know their tomorrow Forced into the school of child labour To pull, push and scream like women in labour. We say our infants are our future leaders Yet their bright futures are truncated today by societal murderers. I weep when I watch naked children fishing on the sea As their bodies beaten by the chilly weather that be Young children who have become tenants on our rivers, Innocent infants pushed into by certain selfish human powers. I cry when I watch infants chasing cars in our streets Their naked bodies baked by the merciless sunny heat Selling sachet water, dog chains and walking to places While our partisan media and authorities sit with masquerading faces. Children of child labour labour in worry Who? I sorrowfully ask, Who is prepared to tell their story? We wastefully waste resources on HIV/AIDS While child labour keep swallowing our future leaders with pace. The time to curb child labour is now Fighting child labour must be a verb and never a noun. Let's all be ambassadors of change To give these infants a better future page. Poet-Shaddy

by Shadrack Oteng

 Posted by: Shadrack Oteng

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