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Sex-what Would Earth Be Without It?

The poem below takes inspiration from the English word ‘copulate’, used in describing the act of love making or sex.

Embedded in the word ‘copulate’ are other suggestive words such as ‘couple, populate, popular, collaborate, lateness, colleague’ et al.

The far reaching extent of the word ‘copulate’ throws light in no uncertain manner on the nature, complexity and content of love- making or sex.

To ensure that neither sex is robbed of its passionate appeals nor love of its promising disposition, I submit this work of ecstatic poetry in attempt to partially fulfill demands of the Biblical quote: “give to Caesar that which belongs to him, and to God that which belongs to Him”. I invite you to ‘carelessly’ indulge.

“… a person's sexual choice is the result and sum of their fundamental convictions…” Ayn Rand

The worlds turn and intermittently interject, adjusting and readjusting into formless forms

Lights piercing through darkened hisses where cold and heat for once would exchange pleasantries

The night shades are falling off, and the heart beat soars

Truly, the shade of tress isn’t needed; neither the welcoming presence of humble homeliness

The mind is interrupted, racing with rushing pace between reality and fantasy

Passion grows through been passive, and finally, permeates one into another

Carefulness is thrown into the back seat; starved hunger indeed is an understatement

Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics, Logic, Philosophy, Critical thinking and Creative speaking/ listening plus Writing skills are all brought to bear

Nothing makes geniuses in such short time than this element called sex

In a short moment, a coward gets brave; a weakling gains strength; the fearful becomes daring

In a short time, consciousness and unconsciousness mix helplessly

Thoughts elapse into imaginations and both rushes like an unstrapped flow of many waters; flowing into the heart full of belief

Danger is an afterthought; fear, indecision and pain is hanged in the pendulums of time; for here and at this moment, eternity is seen in teasing display

Test tubes, fertile prostrates and sperms, royal ovaries are not the moments consideration

Emotions aren’t settling nor concentrating on negotiating another path

Emotions are pent up, bent on seeking and indulging more

Time elopes, vision loses color, death sounds foreign, and life is good

Note taking is useful, especially for the experience; but it’s done by means beyond infra-red

Sweat mixes with pain, soaked in the bubbles of passion it becomes the teleprompter from which to discern the fluent verbose of partner in love

Touches feels golden, as though been embalmed by professional Thai massage acupuncturists

Shy looks mixed with confident gazes become the steering wheel that locks partner’s attention

Soft talks, gentle whispers perfectly spaced to convey immense impression

Courteous smiles, intermittent laughs, gentle pats at the backsides& cheeks& feet& arms…

Legs rubbing against each other, fists tightly clinched as to say, ‘I’m with you for real’

In such intense moments, the ears seems to enlarge and the ear drums awakened…

Speaking slowly, in whispers; making comments, building conversations that build love

The winds boomerang the environment, ease dropping into such conversation

The salivary glands are gracious in secretions, hippocampus well alerted by ecstasy

Vulva widens and feels welcoming, expecting the messenger of the king

Welcome’, the messenger is greeted to secretions the equivalent of a triumphant entry

Nature is at its best, nothing is hidden; everything is given out; free to indulge

Breathtaking would be a shy reflection of the experience, a wonder to partake

Goodness! The less said, the better; for it is worth the sight…indeed the brightened are all faces gazed by its radiant sights

The unrelentless passion for pleasure, unrecalcitrant introduction to gracious leisure; magnificent feast beyond measure, truly it is said to be natures finest treasure

Woody Allen is alleged to have spoken thus: “I don't know the question, but sex is definitely the answer”; if then sex is that powerful as to answer all questions, how then shall we indulge with appetites mature to feast off nature

Copulating-Love making-Sex it is, and the testimonies to this effect are numberless

NativeDr,NII Rite-life Freelancer
( [email protected] , 0266 650 605)

by Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo

 Posted by: Shadrack .k. Datrey Akrofi-quarcoo


owusu frimpong | 8/31/2016 2:40:07 PM

magnificent, creativity at it best

Eben | 10/31/2016 6:26:03 AM


sir- Jerry | 11/2/2016 6:21:06 AM

one of the best

Gladys | 11/22/2016 10:29:45 PM



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