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Elizabeth!,the girl with swag
I had a crush on her but didn't want to let the cat out of the bag
I had no option than to spill it out
It was a tough decision I had to take
But I did it for my own sake
I didn't just want to keep silent
But it will surely make her violent
It started when I told her not to be harsh
She replied "then stop talking trash!"
Oh, this girl liked to rhyme
But it seemed I was wasting her time
"You're so beautiful", I said to her
And she replied "shut up there!"
I told her "no one is right until some one is wrong"
She told me I was weak and she was strong
I decided to describe her with the ABCD
Adorable, Beautiful, Cute and Decent
She liked it, as well as started liking me
She always checked on me and me on her
My wish is that, this is how it will forever be
I don't want this relationship to end
Because she is now my one true friend
This is the girl I've only liked since my birth
And she is of the name "ELIZABETH".

by Michael Quartey (Swanzy)

 Posted by: Michael Quartey (Swanzy)

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