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Flood And Blood, Rain And Tears, Sand And Ashes!

This poem begins with a woman

screaming for help as the flood

sweeps her away

Her screams silently dies out

leaving echo of her voice behind

Let's talk about the first stanza of this poem

Every word is a collective emotions

Every line is a tear dripping off someone's face

The whole stanza is a journey drifting away from normalcy

The wind keeps blowing in my face

I have a migraine but fvck it

Let's talk about the many ways we die

Let's talk about your sister

who went to find shelter under a canopy in the filling station

only to end up in sand and ashes

The fire caught your brothers tail

He lies turgid in the mud

He's now a smoked fish

The woman beside him had her

face in flames

she didn't die but trauma just married her

Talk of things water and fire could do and your head will burn

Make a sketch from the above stanza

That is also an art.

Let's talk about the car that skidded off the road only to find comfort in a gutter

Your father was behind the wheel

He had to break his windscreen to escape death

But death lives in the gutter

Your mothers car crushed into a tree and sparked flames everywhere

We will talk about her bruises, burns, people who didn't know how to say no to death and her trauma

when she comes out of the coma

Let's talk about your lost

You went out with your sister

The rains are soft winds that gets you wet

But it became a nightmare when you couldn't find your feet

You lost grip of your sisters hand

You forgot how to breathe

Your eyes lost it strength to see

Till you came out of the water

To see your sister is no where to be found

No! The flood has not taken her

You wait for her to come out

You start shaking violently like a war just started in your chest

Others join in search for her

No she can't die, she just can't

But she's trapped under a car in the flood and doesn't know how to breathe anymore

Your world become a mixture of sea water and sand...

Let's change topic

my heart is heavy and eyes soo wet

This migraine is combustible

Let's talk about Aku Shika

She who couldn't save her seven month baby from the flood

She couldn't even save herself

Picture this;

Her body came up with her hands in the air saying "help us, don't watch us die Dear God" with her baby's eyes fixed on her saying

"mother hold me this place is too cold"

Imagine a fifteen year old boy

Coming home to meet this

Imagine the torture behind his screams

Imagine the many times his heart forgot to beat

Imagine how he's dead inside now


This poem has no end

Let's continue it some other day


by Joseph Frimpong

 Posted by: Joseph Frimpong


phred. | 11/20/2015 5:14:06 PM

Very traumatising...its a sad incidence


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