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Oh Jah Jah I bring you supplication
For none is greater than you oh Jah Jah
Fire, water and the wind of this world reveal your awesome power

Oh Jah the infinite being
Me eyes see dead but me never dead
Me eyes see holy but me not holy yet
Me eyes see evil but me never evil

When me stumble rise me oh Jah Jah
When me get afflicted, untrouble me
When me fraid, embolden me
When me poor, provide me comfort
When me lonely, be my company
When me irie, me give you praise
When me get fame, keep me grounded

Oh Jah Jah when me papa dead, only you sustain me
And when even me mama and me sister dead and go only you cud sustain me
Oh Jah Jah I am Michael Eli Dokosi
Friends call me Mystic Mike
Companions call me De Rebel Soul
Oh Jah Jah cause me to be used in the service of mankind

Oh Merciful Jah you are me shield and sword
Even when night is dark and day dry
When pestilence and tribulation abound
When thunder, lightning and brimstone strike and fall
Me can't give up
Cus you are me shining star

Me never fraid of the Babylon people
No pikini nor daughter can overrun me defence when me look up to you Jah Jah
Oh ye cancerous people you know by now
Me bad, me dread, me tough and me rough
But me prefer to dwell in the shadow of Jah

by Michael Eli Dokosi

 Posted by: Michael Eli Dokosi

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