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Tears Of Our Mothers

We have shed tears for long.
And our eyes can no longer hold on.
Solutions to our woes have been prolonged.
That we know not where we belong.

Death is what our mothers face.
We keep losing them day by day.
All we seek is God's grace.
To be showered on us again.

To bear forth a child is a blessing.
But to die in the process is unfortunate.
Let not hesitate in advancing.
Before it becomes too late to be late.

Where are our leaders?
Where are our fathers?
Are they forsaking their responsibilities?
We need them to protect us with their feathers.
Because It's time to realize the source of their families?

by Nathaniel Abadji

 Posted by: Nathaniel Abadji


Karimu A. Mohammed | 7/8/2016 1:24:07 PM

Good poem


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