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Poem: Parallelogram

You walked into my life
But it is still empty
I am sitting right beside you

But I still feel lonely
You pay attention to me
And yet you hear no word I say

You have a heart but you are heartless
Can't you see I'm in love with you?
I'm communicating with you
But I am speechless
I am sinking in your emotions
Yet you watch me fall

But can't you see
My mind is clouded with thoughts
But my brains are rocky
You are playing with my heart
But I feel safe
I doubt if you will ever love me
But I believe in your love

You pinching in my heart like a pin
And I am laughing because it hurts
You walk me away anytime
But I walk straight into your arms
Our paths are parallel
But we always meet

Maybe in an outmoded time
But I will patiently wait for it to come
That time I will finally have your heart
And I will be glad forever
Even though my heart is grieved
Because you will never be mine
But I am all yours

by S. Kojo Frimpong

 Posted by: S. Kojo Frimpong

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