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A Prayer To Karma

Karma, I've been humiliated by some persons

who are not stronger than me

but I cannot fight them.

Their acts make me cry

about their humiliations against me.

They have had their ways around and against me

but I know you have a way against them.

Their humiliations of me make me cry harder

but I'm of the belief yours will make them

cry the hardest.

They have chosen wicked ways against me

as their highest occupation

but you will in due course make them

understand that they are their weakness.

In introspection, I remember you, Karma.

Come and build my happiness

on the unhappiness of my humiliators

who make the life so sweet to taste painful.

You are ever loving Karma, because

you pay everyone according to his or her deed.

(They humiliate me not for the cause of mine

but for their selfishness).

You hardly react immediately

when people treat others with good or bad

to challenge your potent powers.

You do not give up when people hearten or dishearten you.

You continue to push and win at the end.

You come after everyone has forgotten that you exist.

You do not allow people to get away with their deeds.

You serve the world the revenge they deserve.

Let my humiliators get what you are preparing for them.

Some are already suffering your unbiased gift to them.

Thank You for living for today, tommorrow and forever.

Thank You, Karma!

by Odimegwu Onwumere

 Posted by: Odimegwu Onwumere


Kwame Yeboah | 6/13/2015 12:51:11 AM

Hmm it's great but that is how it is

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