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An African’s Poem

She is a mother, a friend, a family.
Her body, full of scares, portrays her strength and courage.

Her love is like the wind: I cannot see it, but I feel it.

People mostly look at her scares instead of her beauty.

Whose fault is it?
Hers? Her neighbors'? Or God's?
None's but her own children's.
Children who were never proud of her.
Children who deny and maltreat her,
Children who refuse to see her beauty because they are blinded by that of her neighbors'.

Children who are not children anymore...
But the question is- who is she really?
She is Africa, a land of love, a land of history, a land of hope.

And who am I?
A child who once was not, but now is and will forever be proud to say- 'I am African'.

by Sanogo Fanidh

 Posted by: Sanogo Fanidh


Sena Evelyn | 11/11/2015 6:48:41 PM



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