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The Gardeners

Skies cry no more,
Birds chirp no more,
Flowers, yellowed by the blistering sun, smile no more,

Leaving the bees disgruntled.
Weeds have taken over....
They are all gone, leaving this garden hopeless.
They are all gone,
Looking for gardens with stunning flowers,
Looking for gardens with no fence.
They are all gone,
Forgetting that their flowers need to be watered,
Forgetting that the weeds need to be uprooted,
Forgetting that their garden needs them.
They are all gone,
Looking for a paradise that does not exist....
This poem basically refers to the migration of young Africans. Here, Africa is represented as a wretched garden with dying flowers. Every year, thousands of young Africans leave the continent with the thought that they are going to a better place. Those young, strong and brilliant people go abroad omitting that their motherland badly needs them because they are actually the gardeners of that helpless garden. They are the only ones capable of making the flowers smile. In other words, young people are the hope of Africa.

by Sanogo Fanidh

 Posted by: Sanogo Fanidh

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