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Let Ghana Win

(On the eve of Election 2012)
We are one people
with a glorious history and heritage.
We belong to a great and strong nation, Ghana.
Together we build, swim and fly.
Divided, we fall and disintegrate.
Let us love more and to none harbour hatred.
Tomorrow could be brighter and better
But wishes are not horses.
So let us talk peace, walk and work for peace.
We can win
Let us win.
Let Ghana win.
Let the Star of Africa arise and shine once more.
Kwegyir Aggrey's eagle, fly high and higher.
Let Ghana win
Let peace reign.
Let Ghana win and make Africa proud again.
Ghana must win
Let Ghana win.

by Akwasi Agyeman-Dua

 Posted by: Akwasi Agyeman-Dua

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