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A Prayer for Denise Williams

On her knees at the Emmanuel Congregation
With tears running down her cheeks,
She cries out, 'O Spirit, break out!'
Shake off every wall:
From servitude, lifelessness to addiction,
Hardship, help-in-disguise and stagnation,
Suicide attempts, dryness and indecision,
Torture, fruitlessness and depression,
Accra Karaoke Bar was her ghetto,
Begging for alms in the streets, her solace,
The aftermath of the Liberian Civil War,
The ill-treatment injected into her in the West by her own.

The expectation from Project Fame Reality Show
In her life has met its biggest blow.
So, Lord, with your presence let your Spirit flow
Come with love
Your love that cannot be weighed
O Heaven, at your feet is the Mercy Seat
Touch her, and order her heartbeat.
From the Poet's Collections at:
World Poetry Movement

by Raymond Obeng

 Posted by: Raymond Obeng

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