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Angels are beautiful and bold,
some are young and some are old.
I love angels, as you can see..
they have much candor in them, and love to surround

the whole world.
Angels are stunning and graceful and lovely to look at.

Do you believe in angels as I do?
Angles have been around for centuries.
It is to my belief that angels can heal the sick
And I do feel that angels watch over us, in our time of need.

Angels never lie or greed, and angels are our best friends,

any time we need them, they can be right there, in the nick of time.

I hope that one day, I can become an angel and watch over many.

I will never long to be rich as being an angel is riches enough for me,

and I wish to be a perfect angel that helps children and adults alike.

But... if I never become an angel, I won't shed a tear,

I will just be me, and be good to others throughout the year.

the end...

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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