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The Rain

The rain, washes all my fears, worries and bad thoughts away.

The rain- is my friend and will always be there for me until the end.

The rain is like a slice of heaven to me and the rain is so magickal.

Sometimes, there is a rainbow full of love awaiting for me, right outside...

my window, that I see and gaze at so lovingly.
The rain is a true God-send and my best companion.
We are the greatest of friends and I just know in my heart, somehow...

that the rain will never leave me, it always comes back, you see..

as the rain will never go far far away, from me, and return soon again...

just so I can see its' smiling face.
The rain-what a friend indeed!

by Melanie L. Miller

 Posted by: Melanie L. Miller

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