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You are like the Wind

You are like the wind, beneath my feet.
You carry me to new destinations I never been to or seen before.

You take me under your wings and nuture me.
You help me through the rough times and the tough times, and you make me feel content.

I do not resent, having you in my life.
You take all the bad times and turn them around and make good times happen for me instead.

You are that bit of sunshine and ray of hope and you are all I need to get by in life.

You are the treasure I been searching for, for so long.

You're bold and strong, not callus and cold, and your'e bold and daring, and oh so caring.

You make me feel happy inside and you show me the way to happiness, with just a tender touch..

or caring smile.
You make life worth living and you are so giving towards others.

You are a pleasure to know, and you make everyone feel happy and you have that magick within you,

that makes me glow.
There is none other like you, as you are so special,

and like the wind, you carry me every place and the rain you are, as you shower me with special gifts.

You are the storm but you calm me down as well, like after the storm, you are peacefull and beautiful.

And you are like that lovely rainbow of dreams as you bring gold to my feet, and silver as well.

These treasures, you give to me, in so many words, and none can compair to you my sweet love.

You are the mountains, so tall and wonderful to look upon, and you are the clouds that carry me places as well.

You are everything a woman could want and more and I shall always love you and adore you, forever more.

the end...

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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