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Angel in Disguise

I met an angel one day whilst walking at dark, the moon shone on her lovely face.

She was beautiful to say the least, she was a vision of loveliness.

Her long blonde tresses, and her soft blue eyes, made me realize, there is beauty all around us.

This angel became my best friend and we played games together.

We sang songs as well.
She came to me, but this was long ago.
I was but a mere child, and I looked up to her.
Who was she really?
Was she someone I knew in a long ago past?
She may of been my mother, as I only met her once before.

Just who was this angel, was she my guardian angel?

I may never know the truth, to these questions at hand.

I just wish to understand why she chose me to talk to, and sing songs.

I hope to see this angel once again, and maybe she will tell me her name.

And once again, we may play a new game, and sing happy tunes.

But..for now, I will think fondly of her and hope she remembers me as well.

Was she a real to goodness angel, or was she just an angel in disguise?

At least she never told me any false stories or lies, and she was there for me,

when I needed her, and I need her now, in my life, and I pray she is watching over me

on this very night.
Perhaps she will come back one day, and we can take a magical flight together, to the heavens,

so I can see other angels and make friends with them.

I will cry at times, because my angel is not here, but will not fear as I feel she maybe close to me,

and I know she may smile at me, when I do good, just like I should.

She will always be a special part of me, I can't let go.

She is the lady that loved me, like a mother loves a child.

She is tender, gentle and mild, and I could never replace her.

I hope she will return and tell me she always thinks of me.

And I know then, our friendship was meant to be.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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